How to play

Learn the basic and familiarize yourself with the game’s many unique mechanics.

The basics

Join early access and compete in Scheduled tournaments to get your first taste of the game. 


Hands of Victory is based on no Limit hold’em poker rules. Knowing them is a must. But it is far from all…



Each game consists of a four player tournament that lasts until only one player remains. Each game is scored.


There are four game modes. Grind Mode where your score converts to in-game currency (Shark Points). Contender Mode where your score converts into XP.  The seasonal Ranked Competition Mode which you need to unlock and Schedule Event Mode where you compete in various special, stand-alone events.


Before each game you select a Contender. Each has a unique set of skills. Depending on Mode and Level you either get to add additional abilities yourself or select from pre-generated builds called Contender Cards.


Each Contender can be leveled with XP. Each level comes with it’s own set of rewards. When you reach a Contender’s final level you unlock competitive play in the form of Ranking and leaderboards.


Once you have earned the right to play competitively with a Contender you can rise up the ranks and qualify for special events like the monthly Hands of Victory final.

Core mechanics and features

Player Decks

You and your opponents all draw hole cards from your very own decks. Learn more

Pineapple Draw

Cull your deck for maximum value by carefully pairing hole cards. Learn more


Use your character’s mental resources wisely.  Learn more

Edges and abilities

Use edges  and abilities to gather intel, manipulate cards, stack up and apply pressure on your opponents.  Learn more

Shark Score

Boost your score by playing aggressively, making smart moves and avoiding your opponent’s traps. Learn more

Contender Cards

Earn XP by mastering different character builds and scenarios. Learn more


Watch your chip stack decrease at predetermined intervals as the tournament progresses.  Learn more