Sign-up and spread the word! The two-week trial starts once we reach 100 Discord members or 200 registered players.


– $2,000 trial tournament for Top 256 players

– One $500 pre-trial tournaments for early-birds

– Lots of extra benefits for trial players

500 players max per region. 200 minimum total to start the trial contest. Help us spread the word! 


Now: 40 /  500 players


Now: 37 /  500 players

How to participate

Please read below to learn how the trial will be conducted. For the trial to run we need enough players to avoid long in-game waiting times. Please help us spread the word.


Once you have signed up you can register for our pre-trial tournaments. Please also join the Hands of Victory discord server. It’s our primary channel for all trial related information.


The two week long trial contest is scheduled to start September 16. The game will open for practice as soon as the two pre-trial events have filled up. Please note that all leaderboards will be reset on the 16th.


Once opened, use your registered credentials to log-in at No download required. Works great on all major browsers and is optimized for tablets.


Time to play! Read up on the basics before continuing. 


Rack up XP and level-up Contenders by using Contender Cards in Contender Mode.


If you run out of Contender Cards you can buy more using Shark Points earned playing Grind Mode.


Complete a Contender’s progression (XP) arc to start registering on that Contender’s leaderboard.


Finish 36th or better on at least one of the 8  character leaderboards to qualify for the $2,000 trial tournament.


End the trial period at the top of one of the Contender leaderboards to represent that Contender in the first official Hands of Victory final.

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