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Help us launch,  grow and establish Hands of Victory
as a new non-violent, accessible yet infinitely
complex competitive mobile game.

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About Aftermath Interactive

Aftermath Interactive is a new game studio with a particular passion for card games. With our proprietary platform DealR we strive to modernize old classics and mash traditional card games with other genres. 
Read below how you and your company can become part of this mission. We’re just getting started!

Use the form or e-mail us directly.  


If you think you have the right publisher profile and studio support structure then we’re all ears.


If you stream or produce strategy content in text or video form and see the potential in Hands of Victory let’s talk!


We’re actively looking for a skilled developer to work on game AI or “bots”. 


Think you can bring the right kind of players to our tables? We’re looking evolve how affiliate deals are traditionally structured so that they are mutually beneficial throughout a player’s entire lifetime. 


We have many ideas on how to grow Hands of Victory as a competitive game. You likely have even better ones. Let’s discuss!


Do you have an idea for a format? Do you run a league, community, event or esports platform where it would make sense sense to put Hands of Victory on the roster? Then you are the point of all this.


Small team. Big ambitions. There is still room for one or two early stage investors.